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Savoir faire

making a piece of art

Every MITOS swimwear employs dexterity and artistry. The process takes effort and time, since the team of designers first finds inspiration through an extended research on ancient cultures, myths and traditions of the world, in relevance with other kinds of creative expression like architecture, painting and sculpture.

The most intriguing elements found are discussed and combined to bring out the main idea of every collection.

A complex design exercise starts, to create unique and complex patterns that will evoke and represent the collection's artistic direction. The textile designer will then artistically fill-in the cut-outs, with embroidered patterns.

Every collection takes you to an artistic journey, in the past, somewhere in the world, deep into your senses

With the help of a digital machine the stiches are sewn on the elastic, silk- like tulle. All the steps of cutting, assembling and sewing are made by hand, one by one, just like the most precious piece of lingerie. Italian Lycra is placed as the lining of every swimsuit, a Lycra so fine that is butter-soft to the touch. The ultimate feel and perfect fit are always guaranteed on every piece, as well as UV protection.

After an impressive number of 250,000 stiches, a masterful piece of art is ready to be worn and adored

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