Colourful rays of light and vibrant
shapes from nature, unite to shine.
With an exquisite merge of geometric forms and exotic leaves, parrots or banana trees, the collection unfolds in a sensual utopia of bright and striking patterns, all present in Mitos’ most loved bikinis and the new additions. Atmospheric shades of purple and peach-tones, blues and greens, in our best bikini shapes, the Cruise & Moon strapless as well as our Trinity & Grace triangles.
The Spring-Summer collection also welcomes new shapes: the aerial Fairy halter, the elegant Pure bikini and the very chic Boudoir onepiece. Elysium features a sublime beachwear collection with our unique patterns & designs printed in silk fabric. Discover our kimonos, beach dresses and caftans, light as air on the body, yet powerful to the eye.