The designers

Senses & Stories

We want each MITOS swimwear to be a real piece of art and to convey its inspirational side as well as to challenge the senses. For us these emotions need resonance and history as well as to transmit messages of ancient truths or knowledge.

Therefore we created MITOS, a highly inventive luxury brand drawing inspiration from traditions, cultures and mythology.

The choice of using embroidery techniques is the exact answer to our philosophy: senses and stories. Across the collections, you will be able to follow our thread, and be always challenged, surprised and seduced, that is our defy.

“We decided to create MITOS...

to challenge women's senses & imagination”

Designer of MITOS Swimwear

Ioanna, the Greek,

Ioanna Tserepa has many years of experience in the fashion industry with the largest international brands. Design enthusiast and passionate about artistic products, Ioanna is now pursuing her dream; to create fashion apparel that would really make a genuine distinction for the women who wear it, bestowing her personal know-how in product development & research, always looking for perfection, innovation, the unexpected.

Designer MITOS Swimwear

Audrey, the french,

Audrey Zucker is a true Parisian with a love for details and luxurious simplicity, making the “je ne sais quoi” a fashion statement. Audrey has worked in the marketing departments of luxury brands in Paris, as brand marketer in Europe before creating her own marketing agency. Always enthralled by unique and cultured objects, images and creative universes, she is endowed on transforming simple things into the wanted and adored.