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Inspired by all things symmetrical, Spring/Summer 2017 MITOS Swimwear Collection is a hymn to the most powerful visual constructions in tradition, mythology and architecture of Greece. Triangular and cubical shapes, parallel lines and beautiful mosaics of geometrical patterns, are all masterfully stitched together in earthy, royal colours and shades of white and blue. If there is a statement to be made, this is the power of symmetry and the beauty it infuses in all the things it touches.

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The myth of Ariadne is inherent in every Mitos Swimwear. So surprising and inspiring, it is depicted with images of artful combinations found in the frescoes in the labyrinth, the clothes she wears, the shapes that this mythological era is woven with. All Greek myths follow the thread of symmetry celebrating a time of perfection and beauty, a divine placing of shapes.
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Natural materials like stone prevail in the Greek island architecture. The rooftops and the small pebbled yards of the houses are artfully created my ‘mastores’, the traditional workers, who would spend their days under the scorching sun, not just building but artfully sculpting the terracotta and carefully placing the materials in such a way as to create the most amazing patterns one could ever imagine. In absolute symmetry.
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A look at the embroideries and traditional costumes of different places in Greece, is convincing about the inspiration and imagination of the local people and their habits. The ladies would use their thread and needle to ‘paint’ onto the fabrics geometrical themes from everyday life that proudly decorate houses until today.

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