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colourful shopping in MOROCCO

Those who were lucky enough to have planned a Moroccan holiday this summer already know about the large colourful souks and open markets that one comes across almost around every corner. Being one of the must-visits while in Morocco, souks provide the perfect opportunity for some shopping fun. Bright zesty colours catch your eye, while intoxicating aromas and exotic jewelry tickle your senses. Get ready to live a a unique as much as unforgettable experience while getting lost in a souk of Marrakech or Fez.

exquisite finds

… you can’t  leave Morocco whithout:

– Leather Goods: Purses, sandals, or colourful bags will give a bohemian allure to your vacation style.

-Ethnic-printed Fabrics: Exotic caftans made of silk and tastefully adorned will become your new summer wardrobe staple.

-Carpets and Decorative Ornaments: Bring a hint of the Moroccan allure back  home.

-Jewelry: Colourful beads, long necklaces and chandelier earrings with precious stones and metals have that oh-so-chic cosmopolitan vibe, that you just can’t resist

-Spices and Nuts: Morocco is world-known for its food markets, with the piece de resistance being the hundreds of diffrent spices taking your head up with their wonderful aromas and endless array of colours. It won’t be so difficult to keep things spiced up back home after all!

Images Via: The Tory Blog, Pinterest, Lawrence Of Morocco, Morocult