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#retromoments: SLIM AARONS

A name synonym to summer’s most elegant images of dolce vita perfection, Slim Aarons took photos of attractive people, celebrities and royalty during their vacations in exotic places, A-list destinations and their magnificent villas and boats, that have become iconic. No wonder his work is world-renowned for its elitist point of view, perfect moment capture, and the apotheosis of the poolside scenery, that he used to love and shoot again and again.
Colourful impeccable images that remain a constant inspiration and reference for all things summer with each and every one taking the viewer on a trip to the art of haute holidaying.
Pictures and mental getaway courtesy of Slim Aarons’s books  La Dolce Vita, Poolside With Slim Aarons, Once Upon A Time, A Place in the Sun, A Wonderful Time: An Intimate Portrait of the Good Life, all available on Amazon.

A Wonderful Time, by Slim Aarons
Dani Geneux and Marie-Eugenie Gaudfrin sunbathing at the Hotel du Cap Eden-Roc, Antibes, France by Slim Aarons
Carla Vuccino and Marina Rava, by Slim Aarons
A Wonderful Time, by Slim Aarons
The Swimming Pool by Slim Aarons
Young Women Canoeing on the Nevada Side of Lake Tahoe, by Slim Aarons
Sunbathers at Il Canille, 1980 by Slim Aarons
Porto Ercole Beach by Slim Aarons
Penthouse Pool by Slim Aarons
Poolside by Slim Aarons