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top cosmopolitan destination not just of Greece, but of the world, Mykonos island has the pleasure of being ‘washed’ by the Aegean blue waters, ‘blown’ by the refreshing meltemi winds and blessed with the energy of the sacred land of Delos just off its coasts.

As royalty, celebrity and everyone who has as much as stepped onto its grounds will confirm, whether you are looking to party or hideaway this little heaven on earth will not disappoint.

Possibilities are endless, but we have some favourites and we feel like sharing today. Click through them and don’t be shy, go ahead and give away your own little finds!

Images via Polyvore, Mykonos Gold, InMykonos, Greece.com, Mykonosticker, The Best from Greece, Tripadvisor, Planetware

Walk through the beautiful white and blue "kalderimia" in a beach chic outfit, matching your MITOS Samal Bandeau with an ethereal cover up, and a pop of colour on the shoes.

Looking for fun on the beach or for endless sands just to yourself? Thank God this island can generously provide both. Probably boasting the best sea waters in all of the Aegean, all its beaches are just bliss to swim at. Head to Psarrou if you are looking for some of that infamous cosmopolitan vibe of Mykonos, or to Agios Sostis to mingle with the cool and haute hippie crowd.

A resort in the center of the island's main town? Well, the cosmopolitan and sexy Belvedere hotel is as close as it gets, offering a hidden paradise within walking distance to everywhere that matters.
If what you dream though is a sandy beach outside your room, Mykonos Ammos Hotel. Close enough to the city, yet on a conveniently wind-free and carefree beach , the only danger here is that you might never wanna step outside its doors.
Start your stay here with a visit to the Belvedere Shop or the Go Ammos store, respectively, in order to get ready ahead of those much stylish dips!

Is your appetite is commanding Michelin stars or a taste of the local? Book a table at Matsuhisa if your tastebuds are being posh or at the new hip spot Spilia on the beach of Agia Anna for mouthwatering greek specialties and fresh seafood.

Astra is a always a classic spot for spotting. But if you really want to see the island's handsomest crowds and still have space and great music to dance to, the new Moni club will keep you on your feet till the morning hours. More in a romantic 'let's have a cocktail' mood? The garden of the Manto open air cinema is a gem still undiscovered by the many.

> Belvedere shop: An eclectic mix of Greek and international designers for those discerning customers walking through its doors. Get your MITOS bikinis here! >Go Ammos: All you will ever need for the perfect beach style, Mitos swimwear included of course! >BeachHouse: As you might have guessed life is a beach in this Matoyannia store. Find here your perfect MITOS bikini and absolutely everything that goes with it to create the perfect and most discerning beach style. > Nikos Koulis: The Greek bijoutier that has managed to find fans in Rihanna and Valentino alike, has just opened a must-see boutique in town. His drop-dead gorgeous designs are not something anyone has been know to be able to resist. >Rarity: Wanna buy some art? Look no further than this space, adjacent to the Chanel store so you won't miss it ;) All admirable houses on the island trust its owners to provide them with the coolest pieces of summer inspired geniousness in the form of art.

> Seeing the sunset on Delos
> Sailing to Rinia for an extra private dip
> Finding and taking with you some A-quality loutza (think of prosciutto) and kopanisti (local spicy cream cheese).