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Oh the search of the perfect swimsuit!Probably it will never end. But at least for this year -hooray!!!- you can stop looking. Whether you are tall or petite, pear or apple shaped, big breasted or athletic, we know which MITOS Swimwear you will fall in love with this summer.
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* If you have an hourglass body shape, first of all we are soooo jealous of you! Second, you should always keep in mind that your waist should be emphasized. We can’t think of a better match for you than the MITOS Arde one-piece!
* If you a have a rather athletic and more stiff body type, you should go for a  piece that will compliment your figure and also show off your fit body. The MITOS Terracotta bandeau is the ideal swimwear for you this summer!
* Haven’t you heard? Expensive perfumes are always found in small bottles! You could flatter your petite figure in an equally small bikini. The MITOS Sife bikini, of course! We would go for the yellow, to bring out our tan.
* You have a more teenage figure, so what? Enhance your small chest taking advantage of the full round lines the MITOS Sahra bandeau while also showing off your beautiful hips.
* The MITOS Mystique one-piece was made for tall and long legged women. Just imagine yourself in this one on a white sand beach laying under the sun. Perfection!
* Don’t try to hide your best asset! Women with big breasts look wonderful in breast-hugging bandeaus. The MITOS Samal bandeau will be the most sophisticated pair of swimwear you ever owned. Ready for your first dip?