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beach finds: MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE

Let’s start the week on a romantic note. Because you can find many things on a beach,  but as it happens you can even come across true love!
We just came across a wonderful love story, which is all the more exceptional firstly because it is true, and second because it involves the ever so romantic and mystical message in a bottle.
message in a bottle

Back in 1956, a Swedish sailor named Ake Viking left a message in a bottle seeking true love. He wrote a small but meaningful message: “To someone Beautiful and Far Away” adding his contact details and asking the girl who would find it to write him back.  Two years later, upon his return from another voyage he found a letter from Syracuse, Sicily, waiting for him. It appears that a 17 year old Sicialian girl had found his letter on the beach, translated it with the help of a priest and written back to him. She hoped that despite the distance, the fact that this bottle landed on her hands was a sign of fate and that should not be ignored. After exchanging some more letters and photos, the couple finally met and got married in Syracuse, thus making their love story one for the books and of course the headlines!

Love Story
Did we get you in the mood? Maybe we are watching “Nights in Rodanthe” tonight 😉

via Museum of Hoaxes, Mother Nature Network, AntonioRandazzo.it, Hqwallpapers.org