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Easter is always felt as an early summer, non? Maybe it’s time for a short  getaway then! Why not plan an impromptu trip with your beloved ones? No need for much preparation. The cool thing now is to travel light! How to do it? Just carry with you only the essentials! You will probably need an everyday outfit, comfortable enough to take you anywhere along with a tailored denim jacket As for the night? We would go for a bright floral dress -perfect for welcoming spring!-and a pair of also very bright shoes to match. with plus a fancy clutch for your night out. Plus: The sun has started shining stronger so don’t forget to pack your wide brimmed hat, a pair of your favorite sunglasses and of course your favorite MITOS bikini! Just in case you get the chance to enjoy the beach and start working on your tan! We are packing the Geo bikini ; )

spring getawway