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MITOS website wins a CSS Design Award!

We’re so excited!!! We knew everyone would love our new website just as much as we do, but the receipt has definitely surpassed our wildest expectations! Our brand new website mitoswimwear.com, that just launched a few months back, won the Website Of the Day award over at CSS Design Awards! The fantastic team of Mozaik, that envisioned, designed and developed this site, is now an official part of web design history, forever archived on this day as being the world class team that they are. A big thank you to the Mozaik team and warmest congratulations. You are worth it! In case you didn’t know, CSSDA‘s mission is to promote outstanding website design, awarding demonstrable excellence in the areas of creativity, design and code, functionality and usibility. What’s even more exciting? We’re also now nominated for Website of the Month and Website of the Year! Dream big and fingers crossed 😉