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Looking forward to wearing your yellow MITOS Sife bikini, but still haven’t maneged to properly build up your tan?  Worry not! Here are some natural tips & tricks to get you there faster and better!
Via Huffington Post, Polyvore, Saint Tropez tan

Your skin tans a lot easier and with a more smooth all-over effect when it is

Studies have shown that there are foods that can help you tan faster. Carrots, apricots, kale and spinach are the most popular among those. How about a mixed smoothie?

There are many beauty products available that help your body increase its melanin production and thus enhance your natural tanning process, making it a lot faster. You should try them!
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Don't wait for the beach! You can tan almost everywhere, on your way to work, while having coffee with your friends on a sunny day, even when relaxing on your balcony.
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Most importantly, never forget to use sun protection. That way your skin will stay healthy and young and your tan will last a lot longer. We promise!
Sunscreen, sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat are an absolute must!
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