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5 instagram accounts to follow if you are a beach junkie

So what if it’s a rainy day in your geographic coordinates today?! You can travel to the Bahamas, surf in Hawaii and dive into the world’s most magical waters in a matter of seconds, right from the comfort of your duvet-covered bed. Click through our favourite beach-life instagram accounts  and get your beach fix anytime, anyplace.                 cover photo: @chiaraferragni

Kelsey Finn

Ha'a Keaulana Lover of Ohana, Jackson, Makaha, Hawaii, Surfing, Photography, and Traveling.

Elena Kalis

Brooke Dombroski HAWAII-Based Creative

B)rittany (Tru)bridge of www.BahamaYoga.com brings together our two big loves, yoga and the beach. So we adore her!