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Summer may be over calendar-wise, but as long as the weather permits it weekends are meant to be spent at the beach. Not only for the lightness it brings to our souls, but also the hidden benefits to our beauty. Salt and sand, sea flora and coconut water are our newly-found beauty secrets.
Tips Via Beach Tomato, Images Via Merus Online, Made of Muscle, Pinterest

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There are so many ways in which to benefit from the almighty coconut. Our favourite? Crack one open and guzzle down the sweet-tasting water. It’s virtually fat-free, low in carbs and sugar, and bursting with electrolytes, potassium, and amino acids, allowing the body to hydrate very quickly and efficiently. On top of this, it detoxifies, boots your immune system, raises your metabolism and cleanses your digestive track.

The amino acids and minerals found in sea water have been used for centuries to aid numerous skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis, as they help to draw impurities from the skin. These same minerals help to de-stress and increase your immune system, resulting in a more relaxed and healthy you.
PLUS! There’s no doubt that sea-water makes for the perfect way to create surfer-girl tresses. It adds volume, creates waves, and prevents holiday-frizz from taking over. Simply take a dip, let your hair dry au-naturel, and you’ll have locks to rival Gisele’s.

Whether you’re eating it, drinking it, or using it directly on your body – seaweed is Mother Nature’s miracle gift to any beach body. Packed with vitamins and minerals, the goodness from this great green-stuff is absorbed by the body über quickly due to its cellular structure being so similar to that of our skin. Not only does this super sea-vegetable restore moisture levels in the skin, it helps with detoxification, firms, slows aging, promotes cell generation, and reduces the appearance of cellulite. All while purifying and improving skin texture and tone. It’s a natural diuretic, so it eases water retention, boosts the metabolism and prevents cells from storing fat.
Oh, it makes your hair super shiny as well, and can be great in salads too.
So, stock up on this wonder stuff for beach-beauty both inside and out.

Want smoother skin and a more even, longer-lasting tan? We thought so! That’s why at the top of our DIY beach spa list is sand. Yup, these golden-white grains serve a bigger purpose than a place to plunk your sunbed. When damp from the sea, sand is the perfect way to exfoliate sans chemical nasties. Simply lie at water’s edge, scoop up a handful and scrub into your skin brushing towards your heart to boost circulation. Easy as one, two, sea.