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Remember when a visit to the beach meant you got to be princess of your castle? After hours spent by the shore, planning and moulding it out of wet sand, and a little help from mum or dad let’s admit, there it was. Usually looking quite odd, yet in your eyes it was just perfect. Well, some people never give up this childhood habit. They just get better at it! Like Calvin Seibert who has us -and the rest of the world- taken by surprise with his know-no-limits ephemeral (nonetheless awe-inspiring) seaside creations. Believe it or not he says he never starts with a plan, nor does he mind that the next wave, or the one after that, will vanish his amazing work. Running against time and nature is what keeps him intrigued. “I am always adding just one more bit and if time allowed I wouldn’t stop”, he says. Well if you don’t want to stop looking at them either, click through the gallery with all our favourite ones or visit Seibert’s  flickr album.   And don’t be jealous. Maybe Renzo Piano’s tips on how to build the perfect sand castle can help take yours up a notch ; )