The art of needlework has been adorning our lives for centuries capturing the charm and grace of bygone eras into various pieces of clothing and decorative items.

Continuing the trail, MITOS tempts you to follow its colourful thread to that magical place where tradition adorns fashion. Right where the folk art and heritage of long-existing embroidery techniques unfold, taking style to the next level through the establishment of a unique, artistic and sensual trend true to its philosophy.

A trend that was easily identified in the stylish proposals and cross-stitch designs of the MITOS' first swimwear collection in 2013; a collection inspired by the colours and shapes of the Mediterranean flowers with motifs, usually depicted on traditional throw pillows and other embroidery work in many Mediterranean homes, taking us on a journey around Greece, Italy and Spain.

MITOS combines embroidery traditions with modern patterns to create swimwear for women, beachwear and beach accessories that enhance the level of personal expression and style. Its high-end swimwear reflect the diversity of regions and cultures through intricate embroidery stiches and exquisite patterns of design as evident in its strapless bikini, triangle bikini, Brazilian bikini, Brazilian bottom and tanga bottom collections that complement the woman’s figure.

Influenced by the intriguing stories of mythology, the company’s logo pictures the labyrinth from the classical myth of Ariadne’s thread while a closer look reveals a symbol of a rose, representation of femininity and boldness. The implicit mystery and confidence of the brand are literally underlined by a needle, the ultimate symbol of embroidery.

The art of embroidery exudes a welcoming and intimate retro feeling that brings radiance and happiness. So is a colourful bikini from the summer 2015 collection.

The company’s designs lure modern women to the joys of embellished simplicity with swimming costumes that start a buzz and beachwear dresses with their own personality that always make a statement. The senses are eager to feel and explore those objects of desire.

MITOS loves dressing women who still believe in the innocence of a fairy tale; those who appreciate revisiting tradition and enjoy interacting with elegance and sophistication in their everyday life.

Women of a mystery waiting to be unfold!

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